Entrance area of Seoul Dream Forest with outdoor fountains for the kids to play in

Favourite park: Seoul Dream Forest

By Jeremy, November 26, 2014

Want to enjoy autumn leaves in the city? Or have a snow-fight in winter? Smell the fresh blooms of spring? Ice coffee with a view in summer?

There is a park where you can do all this and more and it’s called Seoul Dream Forest. (Not to be confused with Seoul Forest, which is dry, dusty, boring and full of mosquitoes)

Seoul Dream Forest is a pretty new park, it’s been around since the drama Iris was released and in fact was a filming location for the drama. As such, many Seoul locals don’t know about the park, making it one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

Fountain at Seoul Dream Forest, Korea

Dream Forest is huge and besides the grass and trees you’ll find a deer farm, concert hall, book café, two restaurants, an art gallery and more. Stick to the central zone and you’ll be close to all the amenities, but venture into the forest and you’ll discover endless hiking trails.

One of the key highlights is the 45-degree observation tower (YES IT IS AS COOL AS IT SOUNDS) complete with 45-degree lift. I’ll leave you to see it in person rather than spoil the moment for you. Read my post about the tower here.

A quiet path among the flowers at Seoul Dream Forest

Dream Forest has a nice fusion restaurant called La Foresta serving spoon pizza, read about it here. There is also a book cafe called Cafe Dream (below) which is spacious and has a kids’ section that is great if you’re looking for beginner Korean language books.

View of the book cafe at Seoul Dream Forest

1) Take subway line 4 to Miasageori station and use Exit 3.
2) Walk out of the exit to the nearest bus stop and take bus 1124 for about 5 minutes. The stop “Seoul Dream Forest” will be announced in English. Alternatively take a taxi.

Seoul Dream Forest in summer   Seoul Dream Forest in winter

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