A lake at sunset as seen from Busan's Geumjeung mountain

Hiking Busan’s Geumjeong Mountain Fortress

By Jeremy, January 27, 2015

Busan’s Geumjeong Mountain Fortress was built in the bad old days when the Japanese pirates came to raid the Korean towns. The Koreans were pretty good at building forts, maybe too good, because they built them too big, and were unable to defend them.

Anyway, the fortress has been restored and you can easily tell the difference between the original stones and those that have been added recently.

The ancient fortress wall at Busan's Geumjeung Mountain.

There are many ways to get into Geumjeongsan but here’s how I do it:

Take the Red Line to Jangjeon station. Walk straight up the hill until you reach a little staircase that brings you into the Pusan National University compound. Keep walking up the hill until you reach the highest point of the university, which is a dormitory. From there, follow the trail into the trees.

If you keep heading uphill, you’ll soon see the East Gate of the fortress. Enter it and you can then head north along the top of the fortress wall, with great views all the way! After an hour or two, you’ll reach the Geumjeong mountain peak.

Here’s my route to the peak parked in red and an alternate hike to a nice lookout point in purple. Click the image for high resolution:

Map of Geumjeung mountain.

Here’s the original map:

Geumjeungsan hiking map.

Geumjeong mountain is also a great place to buy makgeolli (rice wine) from the village stalls.

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View of Busan from the Geumjeung Mountain

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