Transformers guard the entrace to the world's biggest cinema at CGV Yeongdeungpo Times Square, Seoul

World’s biggest movie screen

By Jeremy, December 3, 2014

The world’s biggest cinema, as certified in the Guinness World Records, is the Starium theatre at CGV Times Square in Seoul. It’s closely rivaled by the Starium theatre at CGV Centum City in Busan.

Both screens are about 30 metres long, making them about three times the size of your typical cinema screen (or at least, those in my country). Anyway they are huge and the experience is really epic, especially with the high quality sound system.

I totally recommend catching a film in Korea as this would be an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Starium tickets are 12,000 won, while regular cinema tickets are usually 10,000 won.

Find out how to watch a movie in Korea for half price here. (coming soon)

Find out how to use the CGV app to check movie times here. (coming soon)

I watched Roaring Currents at the Starium theatre in CGV Times Square and although I didn’t understand most of the dialogue (in ancient Korean and Japanese), the screen really did justice to the incredibly detailed costumes and armor worn by the actors.

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