Seagulls at Haeundae beach, Busan

5 things to do in Busan

By Jeremy, December 5, 2014

There are many good reasons to visit Busan. The weather is always better, local restaurants are generous with their delicious seafood and pork dishes, everything is cheaper and the views are breathtaking. Here are 5 things to do in Korea’s second largest city.

1) Watch seagulls at Haeundae

Start a new day with a visit to Korea’s most famous beach, named “Haeundae” or “The Sea, The Clouds and the Rocks” by a scholar-poet more than a thousand years ago. Take in the salty fresh air and be rejuvenated but watch out for the seagulls, who are keen on shrimp crackers. To reach Haeundae, get off the train at Haeundae station (Green Line) and follow the sound of the waves!

The beaches are also worth visiting at night, read more here.

The LOTTE Trevi fountain at Busan's Centum City subway station

2) Shop at the world’s biggest department store

Busan’s Shinsegae Centum City proudly holds the Guinness record for the largest department store in the world. But don’t visit it for that, instead, check out their musical fountain which often has live performances (by local musicians) on the hour! Just get off the train at Centum City station (Green Line), pictured above.

The outdoor screening theatre for Busan Film Festival

3) Catch a film at the site of Asia’s top film festival

Even if you’re not in Korea during the Busan Film Festival in early October, you can still inhale some cinematic magic at the festival’s permanent complex in Centum City, pictured above.

A steaming bowl of delicious and cheap pork soup.

4) Have a steaming bowl of pork soup

Don’t leave Busan before you’ve had a piping hot bowl of their signature dish, the Dweji Gukbap (lean pork meat in soup, with rice). Unlike bibimbap or bulgogi, which can be found the world over, this is something which you’d be hard-pressed to find outside the southern provinces of Korea.

Alternatively, try the Soondae Gukbap (pictured above) which is a variation of the dish, adding glass noodles wrapped in pork intestine. Both dishes can be found all over Busan, especially at the Haeundae food alley.

Sunset over Busan's skyline and the Gwangan Bridge

5) See the sun go down over Gwangali beach

Want a great view of the Busan skyline? Take the Green Line to Dongbaek station (Exit 1) and turn right. Walk down the street to the sea wall where you can have an unrivalled view of the setting sun behind the majestic Gwangan Bridge. Want to see more of Busan’s best views? Read my post here.

Busan is also a great base from which you can make day trips to some of Korea’s best countryside attractions, including Gyeongju and Tongyeong.

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