Baseball batting cage in Insadong, Seoul.

Baseball cage!!!

By Jeremy, February 25, 2015

Fancy yourself a champion batter? Or just wanna let loose some pent-up angst? The batting cage is your answer!

Thanks to the long-term American presence in Korea, baseball has become the hottest sport over the past 50 years and most neighbourhoods have a batting cage where you can step up to the plate and pit yourself against a robotic pitcher firing at 90km/h or 100km/h.

It usually costs 1,000 won or 2,000 won. At Insadong, for example, it’s 2,000 won for 20 balls. There’s usually a note-changing machine, but in case there isn’t, bring some loose change (1,000 notes and 500 coins).

Directions to the Insadong batting cage:
Take the train to Jongno 3-ga station (Purple line) and Exit 5. Walk straight past the Nakwon Musical Instrument Arcade to the main Insadong street, which is full of souvenir shops, tea houses and traditional goods. Turn right on Insadong street a look out for the 7-Eleven on the left. Next to 7-Eleven there is a shooting range; above it is the batting cage.

Directions to the Gangnam batting cage:
Take the train to Gangnam station (Line 2) and Exit 10. Walk straight and take the first left. The batting cage is about 5 minutes in.

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  1. Ly Salcedo says:

    Good Day!

    i want to know if what is the opening and closing of the indoor batting cage in gangnam?

  2. Ly says:

    Good Day!

    i want to know if what is the opening and closing of the indoor batting cage insadong?

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