Beer can chicken flame-seared on the table.

Beer can chicken

By Jeremy, December 3, 2014

Dripping with juicy goodness and flame-seared with a torch, beer can chicken is the dish to impress your friends with. Their mouths will be watering even as the staff prepare it on the table and slice it into juicy pieces.

Beer can chicken nicely browned.

The meat is really juicy, unlike those dry spring chickens you get at some Western restaurants. And you can wash it down with a shot of soju or cheongju. If you’re into beer, Korea’s latest fad Kloud is the drink of choice at this joint.

Beer can chicken served with a generous slice of pienapple in Seoul, Korea

The restaurant also serves spicy chicken feet, which are VERY spicy and VERY good. Good thing there’s a generous slice of pineapple too.

Spicy chicken feet, korean style

How to get there:
Take the train to Mapo station (purple line) Exit 1. Turn right at the intersection in front and you’ll see a long busy street full of colourful restaurants and pubs. Walk 5 minutes past all the shops and turn left onto a quiet lane with residential buildings. The shop is at the end of the lane on the right.

3-30 Tojeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
+82 2-719-9595

Here are some pictures of the route from the train station:

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