Korean BBQ Pork (samgyeopsal) grilled with kimchi.

Best Korean BBQ (Samgyeopsal) in Seoul

By Jeremy, February 18, 2015

I discovered this restaurant 4 years ago when I was out in the rain one day at Hapjeong Station and I saw some locals queuing on a street corner despite the weather. In other words, this place is pretty popular, so turn up early or prepare to wait!

Kimchi Fresh Samgyeopsal restaurant at Hapjeong station.

The speciality here is the samgyeopsal (BBQ pork) cooked with generous helpings of kimchi. There’s also “moksal” which is a different cut of pork. Don’t forget to try their mushrooms and also the steamed egg soup, which is a fantastic way to wash down all the meaty stuff. After all the meat is gone, you can order kimchi fried rice that is made in front of you on the hot plate.

Moksal, a thicker cut of pork.

Kimchi fried rice with seaweed.

Most locals grill their own samgyeopsal here but if you’re a foreigner, the staff will probably help you with yours. We spent about 20,000 won per person for a group of 7, including drinks (beer and soju).

After dinner, walk it all off with a stroll at the nearby Han River.

How to get there:
서울 마포구 합정동 414-5
Just outside Hapjeong Station (Line 2) Exit 5.

Don’t eat pork? Check out my post on the beer can chicken place instead.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Can I ask what is the name of the restaurant that you mention the Best Korean BBQ (Samgyeopsal) in Seoul at Hapjeong Station?

  2. risa says:

    What time does it open at? :O

  3. Tin says:

    Hi! May I know the operating hours of this BBQ place? Thanks!

  4. Jeremy says:

    The name of this restaurant is 김치생삼겹살. There is no English sign but it would roughly mean “Kimchi fresh BBQ pork”. They don’t have an official website but you could call +82 2-325-8690 to check if they are open. I don’t know if they run different times based on the season.

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