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Best place to learn Korean

By Jeremy, November 24, 2014

I’ve been learning Korean for 4 years and I must say the absolute best place for a beginner to start is Talk To Me In Korean (ttmik.com). The site offers free podcast lessons with accompanying pdf handouts, so you will brush up on both listening and reading. Having the audio lessons is important because if you learn from a textbook, you won’t get the exposure necessary to develop good pronunciation.

I am not sponsored by ttmik.com and this is just my personal opinion.

If you understand Chinese like me, you should also aim to learn to read Korean alphabets as soon as possible. It only takes a week to learn and then you will be able to read anything – road signs, websites, books etc and pronounce the words, although you will not know the meaning. Then you can guess at the meaning using your knowledge of Chinese, because 70% of the Korean vocabulary shares common roots with Chinese.

Also, buy a Korean keyboard sticker set for 3,000 won so you can learn to type in Korean. You can a fairly serious-looking one from a office stationery shop in COEX mall. Or a PINK Hello Kitty set for about 8,000 won from Artbox (outlets in Times Square, Gangnam).

Keyboard sticker with both English and Korean characters

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