Yakhyeon Catholic Church in Seoul, South Korea

Korea’s first church, Yakhyeon Catholic Church

January 29, 2015

Did you know that Seoul is home to a church that is older and more beautiful than Myeongdong Cathedral?

Traditional front porch seen at Andong Hahoe village

Korea’s 400-year-old Andong Hahoe village

January 27, 2015

Well-preserved traditional houses and a famous mask dance, plus period drama filming site.

Haeundae beach in Busan, Korea

Best views of Busan

December 5, 2014

Hike up to Geumjeongsan Fortress Wall or Jangsan for incredible views of the city, or stroll down to Dongbaek for a nice sunset photo.

Seagulls at Haeundae beach, Busan

5 things to do in Busan

December 5, 2014

See the famous Haeundae beach, visit the world’s biggest department store, grab a steaming bowl of pork soup and watch the sun go down over the Busan skyline.

Colourful wall graffiti in the seaside town of Tongyeong, Korea

Pretty seaside town of Tongyeong

December 5, 2014

Korea’s quaint seaside town with colourful painted houses, seagulls perching on little fishing boats and white laundry billowing in a gentle sea breeze.

CrossNote jazz band performing at Busan's Gwangalli beach

Live music at Busan’s Gwangalli beach

December 5, 2014

With great cafes, live music and a stunning view of Busan’s Gwangan bridge, it’s the best place to chill out and maybe light a few fireworks!

Korean TV channel Ariring filming at Gyeongju's Bulguksa temple

Cycling around the living museum of Gyeongju

December 5, 2014

Bike is a great way to see the sprawling capital of the Silla dynasty, including Bulguksa temple and Seokguram Grotto.

Cherry blossoms in spring at Korea's historic capital of Gyeongju

Where to see cherry blossoms in spring

December 5, 2014

Picnic under the falling blooms at Gyeongju’s Bulguksa temple.

Andong Hahoe village's traditional mask dance in action

Traditional Korean mask dance at Andong Hahoe village

December 5, 2014

Make a day trip to a 400-year-old village.

The triple peaks of Seoul's Bukhansan mountain seen from the Jindalle Ridge

Climbing Bukhansan

December 3, 2014

A hiking route that takes you up the beautiful Jindalle Ridge, through the fortress wall’s Great East Gate and up to the triple peaks of Bukhansan.