View from the upper deck of the free observation tower at Seoul Dream Forest

Free observation tower in Seoul

By Jeremy, November 26, 2014

There are some tourists who will pay 7,000 won to go up the N Seoul Tower (aka Namsan tower) or even 12,000 won for the observation deck at 63 Building. But I’ve never felt the need to visit those places because I know a tower that I can visit for free as many times as I want, in any season.

The observation tower at Seoul Dream Forest is not only free, it’s also the only 45-degre tower in Korea, as far as I know.

After going up the awesome 45-degree lift, there are three observation decks. The first is a café with coffee and waffles to complement the view. The second is themed after the hit drama Iris starring Lee Byung-hun (which was filmed in the tower). And the top deck is an open-air level (closed in winter).

View from the open-air roof deck at Seoul Dream Forest

The tower is worth checking out both in the day and at night, as the view is quite pretty. However depending on the weather, visibility may not always be the best.

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Night view from the observation tower at Seoul Dream Forest

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