Fresh octopus at Busan’s Jagalchi market

Fresh, wriggling seafood at Busan’s Jagalchi market

By Jeremy, January 29, 2015

If you want to shock your friends with huge, squirmy octopuses and giant crabs, Jagalchi market in western Busan is the place to be. Forget Seoul’s Noryangjin market, Busan is Korea’s biggest port city and has far fresher (and cheaper) bounty straight from the Pacific ocean.

This is where you can try the infamous “san-nakji” or live octopus. If you’re not sure how to swallow it, it could be dangerous to eat it whole, so do ask the stallholder to slice it up for you. Even sliced into small bits, the wriggling pieces will try to avoid your chopsticks or stick their suckers to your teeth – anything to escape being eaten!

Crabs at Busan’s Jagalchi market

Unidentified sea creatures at Busan’s Jagalchi market. They didn't taste that great.

Eels at Busan’s Jagalchi market.

Flatfish at Busan’s Jagalchi market

Busan’s Jagalchi market

Fish grilled on the spot at Busan’s Jagalchi market

The indoor eating area at Busan’s Jagalchi market

Jagalchi market is at Jagalchi station on Line 1 (orange). Also, read my post on what else to do in Busan.

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