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Get a Korean phone number and data

By Jeremy, November 24, 2014

(image credit: EG Simcard official FB)

In the old days, in order to get a Korean number, we had to sign up for 1-year plans for about $30 a month, and switch to a special Korean-made phone.

Now it’s as easy as buying a SIM card and putting it into your current smartphone. Okay not quite that simple.

You can buy the EG Sim Card at the GS25 convenience store at Incheon Airport arrival hall. There are different cards for iPhone / Android and also different prices depending on how much data you need.

After inserting the card, you will need to follow the instructions carefully including uploading a photo of your passport. And also installing the “EG Sim Card” app on your phone.

The card cost me 30,000won for 1GB of data and some voice calls and SMS. If you’re on a short trip, it might seem pricey, but you can do a data hotspot and split the cost with your friends. Korean data is really powerful – about 5 times faster than Singapore data.

The card can be topped up using credit card (VISA etc). It’s 16,500won for 1GB of data. it will expire after a certain time (I’m not sure if it’s 1 month or 3 months) but you’ll be able to re-activate if you return to Korea, and you get to keep the same phone number.

Alternatively, if you want to scrimp, you can leech free wifi, which is also plentiful in Korea. Find out how here.

I’m not sponsored or related to EG Sim Card in any way. Just a satisfied customer.

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  1. Marie says:

    This sounds really good! Way better than renting a brand new korean phone that is way more expensive. But I have a question.. if I’m staying in korea for a longer time and need more data or sms and such.. do I need to buy a new card or can I just update/upgrade the one I already got? Cause if you buy a new one.. wont that change your korean number again? Cause that way it will be complicated to keep in touch with friends, you know, if I had to update them with a new number for each time.

    • Jeremy says:

      Hi Marie, thanks for your question. It’s possible to top-up using your credit card. 16,500won for 1GB of data etc. I heard you can also buy a top-up card from the convenience store but I haven’t tried that, I just used VISA.

      The good news is you get to keep your number, even if you leave Korea for many months and come back again =) I managed to re-activate my simcard just by topping it up.

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