CGV App showing a Korean movie.

Half price movies with the CGV app

By Jeremy, February 16, 2015

One of my favourite activities in Korea is to watch half price movies in the morning at CGV cinemas. Tickets are usually 5,000 won instead of 10,000 won, and if you choose to indulge yourself at the ultra-sized Starium cinema, it’s 8,000 won instead of 12,000 won.

So how do you find out which movies are half price? Download the CGV app (below left) and search by cinema or movie (below right). The app is in Korean, but you’ll get the hang of it after a bit. =) If you have trouble reading the movie titles, just swipe right through the movie posters until you find the one you want.

The CGV app's download screen in the Google Play store. The CGV app's "search by cinema" screen.

The little sun icon (circled in red) indicates that it’s a half price morning movie. The Korean letters 자막 (also circled in red) mean that subtitles are provided.

Happy watching!

*This post is not sponsored by anyone, it’s just my personal experience, so I don’t guarantee that prices will stay the same.

I maintain this site as a hobby and have personally verified or experienced most of the information posted here. However, prices and conditions may have changed since my last visit. Please double check with other sources such as official tourist hotlines to avoid disappointment. If you’d like to contribute an update or additional useful information for other travelers, please comment below!
Prices provided in Korean won or US dollars.

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