Fiery Kaesong dumplings.

Juicy Korean dumplings

By Jeremy, December 3, 2014

One of my favourite places to bring friends to is the Mapo Mandu chain restaurant, which serves excellent Korean dumplings.

The outlet that I frequent is not actually in Mapo-gu, but rather at Seolleung station on Line 2 (Green), near to the shopping belt of Gangnam.

While Korean dumplings in many places (including the famous store in Myeongdong) are often rather heavy and taste of dough, the dumplings here boast delicate skin and a juicy bite, much like the Chinese “xiao long bao”.

The menu is simple. Gogi Mandu and Galbi Mandu are meat dumplings, Kimchi Mandu is what it says and Kaesong Mandu is a very spicy dumpling hailing from across the barbed wire in North Korea. Don’t order the mixed dumpling set as it is more expensive, instead just order 1 of everything, anyway they are only 3,000 won and are so good you’ll have no trouble finishing them all if you’re with friends.

Steaming hot dumplings.

The stall also serves excellent Kal Guksu (seafood noodles), and unlike many other stores that are stingy with the ingredients, this Kal Guksu is packed with shellfish, fish, cuttlefish, potato and stuff.

Kalguksu seafood noodles in Seoul, Korea

Yeah Koreans love putting potato in everything. Here’s an interesting pizza that has potato in it.

Anyway, directions to Mapo Mandu’s Seolleung branch:
Take Line 2 (green) to Seolleung station and go out Exit 2. Walk straight up the hill for a minute and turn left at the traffic junction. Cross the road and look for a shop with lots of steam coming out (from making dumplings).

After stuffing yourself silly you can take a slow stroll to the nearby Seolleung-Jeongneung aka Tombs of the Kings. (more on that later)

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