The Spa on Air sauna in Incheon Airport

Late flight into Incheon?

By Jeremy, November 24, 2014

If you fly AirAsia, Scoot or some other airlines it’s possible that you would arrive in Korea really late at night.

Instead of rushing for the last bus to town and getting lost in the dark, or blowing a bomb ($100+) on a taxi ride, why not sleep over at Incheon Airport’s “Spa On Air”?

It costs 20,000 won or US$20 and includes the sauna, clean clothes and sleeping area. The feel is much like a good clubhouse shower room, with proper toiletries provided.

The spa is located in the basement and in the morning, you can head next door to the food court for traditional Korean food (try the ginseng chicken porridge or beef bone soup and rice) for about $10. Then hop on the travellator in the basement to catch the express train (AREX) to town.

If you’re already in Seoul and looking for an authentic Korean sauna (jjimjilbang) experience, read this instead.

(photo credit: Korea Tourism Organisation)

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