A whole stack of various Korean snacks

No space for your shopping?

By Jeremy, November 24, 2014

Guess what. You had such a great time shopping in Korea and now you’re sitting in your hotel room wondering how on earth you’re going to fit all those jackets, shoes, red ginseng, choco-pies and makkeoli bottles into your suitcase.

Here’s what to do. Make the supermarket the last stop on your shopping spree. After paying, look for a “packing corner” where there are used cardboard boxes stacked against the wall and packing tape for your convenience. Pick an appropriately-sized box and you’re good to go!

Free packing corner at E-mart in Times Square, Seoul.

Packing Korean snacks into a cardboard box.

Most supermarkets have a packing corner. One such place is E-Mart at Times Square (Yeongdeungpo), as seen above.

If you actually managed to exceed your flight baggage allowance, you can also send your loot back home at the post office. It cost me about $50 for a 10kg box. Boxes can be bought at the post office. Ask for the price difference between air and sea mail, it shouldn’t be much.

Korea post parcel

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