Lovers' locks at the top of Namsan in Seoul

Romantic Namsan

By Jeremy, March 5, 2018

So Namsan in Seoul isn’t really off the beaten track, and you can read all about it in any tourist brochure. But I just wanted to post the pretty pictures I took there 😉


To get up to the peak, you have three transport options:

1) Cable car

Obviously the most expensive and nothing much to speak of. Save your money for the cable car in Tongyeong, if you can.

2) Bus

Not very glamorous, but that’s how most of the locals do it, especially young couples.

3) Walk

At only 200 plus metres, Namsan is just a small hill that you can get up in half an hour. You’ll see plenty of elderly Koreans tramping up.

Seoul city lights from the top of Namsan

The view at the top is Namsan isn’t that great, because it is blocked by trees and other stuff. If you’re after that perfect 360 degree panorama of Seoul, try Nakseon Park or Gwanaksan.

You can of course pay 20,000 won to go up the N Seoul Tower, previously known as Namsan Tower. But I’d rather take the free ride in the 45-degree tower at Dream Forest.

Also, don’t confuse the glittering lights of Seoul’s Namsan with the stone-carved Buddhas of Namsan in Gyeongju.

A Korean traditional pavilion at the top of Namsan


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