Spoon pizza at Seoul Dream Forest. Sorry, I couldn't resist having a few bites first.

Spoon pizza at Seoul Dream Forest

By Jeremy, November 27, 2014

What’s spoon pizza? It’s pizza eaten with a spoon, of course.

This pizza has a very thin, crepe-like crust, so you won’t be able to slice it and lift it as usual. It has a few types of cheese, broccoli, mushroom, ham and Korea’s favourite pizza ingredient, POTATO. It’s actually really good.

Spoon pizza can be found at La Foresta fusion restaurant, which also serves nice pastas. Try the seafood pasta (below).

Seafood pasta with spaghetti and mussels.

The restaurant menu also offers “Pork Lip” which is actually a misspelling of “Pork Rib”. The ribs are sweet, juicy and totally worth the 17,000 won or so price tag. The addition of almonds is a little surprising but really works with the taste.

Pork ribs served on a bed of fries and dashed with almonds.

La Foresta fusion restaurant at Seoul Dream Forest.

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Also, don’t forget they have a free observation tower!

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