The AREX express train from Incheon Airport, Seoul

Ultimate cheapest way out of the airport

By Jeremy, November 24, 2014

There are many ways to get out of Incheon Airport.

You can take a taxi, which would probably set you back at least $150. But in hyper-connected Korea, why not save the environment and use public transport? It could even be faster.

You can take an express bus. Enquire at the bus counter on the ground floor (arrival) and buy a ticket for about $10-$15. The counter can tell you the exact time of the bus’ departure, so if the waiting time is long, opt for the train instead. Buses go to a few specific points in the city, so if there is one that brings you to your doorstep, this is the most convenient option. The bus is really fast so please wear your seatbelt (mandatory). Most Seoul locals choose the bus as they are used to it.

Depending on your destination, the bus might take about an hour, or longer if there is bad weather and jams.

There is a new express train called AREX that is really fast and comfortable, it brings you to Seoul Station. However, it is not popular with locals and tends to be empty, so they may offer a ticket at a discounted price of 8,000 won. Ask about the departure time, if the waiting time is long, it will be better to take the standard “all-stop” train instead.

Then, there is the standard train, it has many stops, but nevertheless will bring you into the city in about 50 minutes, so it is still quite fast. And costs only 3950 won ($4)! You will need to buy a T-money (transport tap card) for this. The metro allows you to stop at useful locations, such as Hongdae, with many popular backpackers’ hostels.

The AREX express and regular trains from Incheon Airport, Seoul

Standard "all-stop" train from Incheon airport.

(photo credit: korea.net and AREX official website)

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